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01 - What do you use to make your graphics/gifs?
02 - Do you take graphic requests?
03 - Why do you ship Harry/Hermione?
04 - Do you follow back?
05 - Can you promote my blog?

• Just for your information


01 - What do you use to make your graphics/gifs?

Adobe Photoshop CS3
Animation Shop.

02 - Do you take graphic requests?

Yeah. But before requesting a graphic, you should know it:

• I have some restrictions about ship requests. I only make graphics about the ships that I support. Yes, it’s not fair, but life isn’t fair, and this is my blog. Some of my ships: Harry/Hermione, Ron/Luna, Lupin/Tonks, James/Lily, Ginny/Neville or Ginny/Draco. So, PLEASE, don’t ask me to do any other shipper combination with them.

• I can refuse any kind of request if I think it’s not appropriate or if it’s not about Harry Potter.

• Be specific in your request.

Be patient. I work, I study and I have a life besides tumblr. I don’t have so much free time. And the most important thing: I’m not your house-elf.

03 - Why do you ship Harry/Hermione?

First of all, I want you to know that I read the books a lot of times. So, the argument “you should read the books again” doesn’t affect me at all. Also, I think all that ship thing is about your personal opinion. There’s no right or wrong

Now, let me explain why I ship H/Hr:

I can see a romantic connection between Harry and Hermione in all the books.

Harry is Hermione’s world. She abandon everything for him: her family, the “love of her life”, the school, her future… everything. She follows him even when she knows he might be wrong. He’s her “chosen one”.

And Hermione means everything to Harry as well. He needs her. She’s the only one who can stop his fury and calm him.

The first thing that Harry thinks when they’re in danger is to protect Hermione. She’s his priority, even when Ginny is there.

And they understand each other without saying a word.

I think all of this is more than a friend can do. It’s more than a girlfriend/boyfriend can do. It’s more than a wife/husband can do. This is what a soul mate do.

I’ve never thought about Harry and Hermione like brother and sister. Never.

I have two brothers, and I know how a sibling relationship is like. And it’s not like H/Hr. Of course I love my brothers and I will always protect them… but our relationship is more like Ron and Hermione in the books (not in a romantic way). I mean, we fight, we make jokes, and we are always teasing each other.

And I know that most of R/Hr shippers say that a H/Hr relationship would be boring. But I don’t think that being rude or even fight all the time is the same as love. I have another point of view about a perfect relationship. So, at least for me, a perfect relationship should be filled with understanding, respect, harmony and friendship.

Yeah, I know that it’s impossible for a couple agree all the time and never fight. But you can argue without being rude or without really hurt the person you love. And of course, you can accept when you are wrong and apologize.

It’s interesting that a lot of people think that a R/Hr relationship is perfect, but no one wants this kind of relationship in real life, including JKR.

So, why Hermione deserves something that you don’t want for yourself?

I love Hermione, but I don’t have to agree that a relationship with someone who is always being rude to her is the best choice.

And I love Ron… I really do. But not for my Hermione.

So, I don’t hate R/Hr together. I accept the end of the book because it’s not my book. But I don’t agree with the end.

And I’ll not even comment about Harry and Ginny relationship, because in my opinion, Ginny loves The-Boy-Who-Lived, and not Harry James Potter. She’s just a fangirl (again, it’s MY opinion).

The fact is that for me, the bond between Harry and Hermione is so strong that no one will be able to break it. Not even Ron or Ginny. Harry and Hermione will always belong to each other, even if they didn’t end up together.

And that’s why I ship Harry and Hermione, and I’ll always support them ‘til the day that I die.

I hope you understand and respect my opinion in the same way I respect any opinion/ship.

04 - Do you follow back?

I don’t usually follow back. Especially if it’s a personal blog. But I can check out your blog.

05 - Can you promote my blog?

No. I don’t promote blogs.

Just for your information

English is not my first language. I’m still learning English, so, my blog is not free of grammar errors.

If you have anymore question, feel free to ask.

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