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students at Hogwarts

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Emma in 2013 : Interviews

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Anonymous asked:
Why don't you like Hinny? :)

My answer:

Ginny bothers me because I think she doesn’t really like the real Harry Potter, you know? At least for me, she likes the “hero”, not the boy. I don’t know… she’s like any other fangirl.

My opinion is not based in the movies, okay? I’m talking about the books. (in the movies she doesn’t even had a chance to do something)

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Anonymous asked:
When/what made you start shipping harmony (or harmione) the Harry/Hermione ship?

My answer:

I ship them since the first book.

I think it all started when Harry noticed that Hermione didn’t know about the troll and decided to save her. And then, my feelings about H/Hr just got stronger while I was reading the book.

I was sure about my ship choice when at the end of the book, Hermione threw her arms around Harry, and said that he was a great wizard, and she was so worried about him and he was so embarrassed… and it was so cute!

But you can read about why I ship them HERE.


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